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Enile P Snirkette - a digression

Back in my university days, long ago in a galaxy far away, a group of us were taking a suitably chilled dawn stroll through a forestry plantation after a busy night enjoying ourselves.

My friend Gary Smith was talking about a book he had just read. A character in it chooses for himself the name "Marx Marvellous" because, he says, those are the two words most objectionable to Americans.

Gary turned to me and asked "what name would you choose?" Without thinking I replied "Enile Snirkette".

The name (pronounced e-nile snur-ket) went unused for many years, apart from attaching itself to a couple of pet slowworms. At some point it gained a middle initial. Then with the coming of the internet I needed an online identity, a 'nick', and there it was ready formed.

Not that you really needed to know…

Mark R N Jones, aka enile p snirkette

Another Roadside Attraction

A native British reptile

Enile wedding photo 08-07-00
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